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How much should I pay for accounting services?

It’s all about getting the right person to do the right job.  You want an accountancy firm that has a mix of partners, seniors and clerks – so that they can assign the right task to the right person, and charge accordingly.  But, you will find there is a real range in the fees different accountants charge.

Some charge peanuts – but we all know what you get when you pay peanuts. Bananas anyone?

Others would have you pay for their, Aston Martin, holiday home in Maui and/or the waterfront view from their office.

Tip – ask your accountant. “What hourly rate do you charge your secretary/filing clerks out at?”

There was a consultancy firm highlighted in a NZ herald article who charged their filing clerk out at $205.00 per hour.  This is a higher rate than we charge for some of our chartered accountants.  

We believe your accountant should be a true business partner.  Your accountant should be someone who works with you towards achieving your goals, not theirs.

Ultimately your accountant should be making you savings, or helping you find extra income that easily covers his or her fees.  

So the question isn’t how much should we pay, but how much your accountant will give to you.



Why don’t you offer pre-packaged accounting services?

If you could get a tailored suit for the same price as one off the rack, which would you choose?

We are not going to hock off a pre-packaged, mass produced accounting services.  One size doesn’t fit all. Big organisations may treat their customers as just another number. We don’t.   We are all individuals, with our own goals and aspirations. 

Until we sit down with you and work out what your individual goals and aspirations are – we are not in a position to give advice.  Only once we have a better understanding of your business then we are in a position to provide sound business advice.

If you would like an accountancy service package tailored for your needs, please click on the online request form for a no obligation discovery call.


Will I need to change my accounting software?

We do not insist our clients go onto one particular accounting software programme.  As far as accounting software providers go, we are as neutral as Switzerland.

We analyse each businesses individual needs and then recommend a software package that meets those specific requirements. 

If you would like an accounting software audit, please click on the online request form for a no obligation discovery call.

Ps: Some accounting software providers give accountants discounts or kickbacks for referring clients.  We disclose any and all such benefits up front and pass any discounts straight onto you.  We guarantee we will not profit from recommending any software.



What is a Discovery Call?

A discovery call is a no hype, sales free discussion where we try to ascertain whether we are a good fit for your business.  Once we have a better understanding of your goals, we will go away, and tailor a package of services just to meet your needs.  Then we will come back with a proposal for you to consider. 

Interested? Then click on the online request form for a no obligation discovery call.



What about late filing penalties?

You should never be charged a late filing penalty.  If the requested documentation has been supplied to your accountant by the required date, then there is no excuse for late filing penalties.

But just in case it should ever happen we guarantee to reduce our fees by the amount of any late filing penalties incurred.



What makes a good accountant?

Do you know a good accountant?  They can be hard to come by.  The bad ones either don’t do the work on time, are never available and/or charge like a wounded bull. Ultimately we don’t get the service we would want.

We are different.  We will:

  • Agree with you beforehand a timeline of doing your work.

  • Return your emails and calls within 24 hours.

  • Agree up front what work you wish us to do

  • Agree on either an up-front fixed price or estimate of fees.

A good accountant will sit down with you and work out your business needs and go through the financials to explain what they mean, and tell the story behind the figures.  Once they have taken the time to truly understand your business and how it works, then they are in a position to offer advice. We do this for all our trading clients.

If that sounds like the accountant you want, complete the below online request form for a no obligation discovery call.

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